Sipping Through Emerald Coast’s Best Wineries and Breweries

The Emerald Coast is a picturesque destination known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters.

But did you know that the region is also home to some of the best wineries and breweries in the country?

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a beer enthusiast, the Emerald Coast has something for everyone.

So, pack your bags and get ready to savor the flavors of the coast as we take you on a journey through the best wineries and breweries in the area.

A Toast to the Best Wineries

The Emerald Coast boasts some of the most beautiful wineries in the country. From the sprawling vineyards to the picturesque landscapes, visiting these wineries is an experience that you’ll cherish forever. Here are some of the best wineries you must visit:

Chautauqua Vineyards

Located in DeFuniak Springs, Chautauqua Vineyards is a family-owned winery that has been producing some of the best wines in the region for over 30 years.

The vineyard produces a wide variety of wines, including muscadine, red, and white wines. Visitors can take a tour of the vineyard, sample the wines, and purchase bottles to take home.

Emerald Coast Wine Cellars

Located in Miramar Beach, Emerald Coast Wine Cellars is a boutique winery that specializes in fruit wines.

The winery produces a variety of wines, including blueberry, blackberry, peach, and raspberry wines.

Visitors can enjoy a tasting of the wines, take a tour of the winery, and purchase bottles to take home.

Walton County Distillery

Located in DeFuniak Springs, Walton County Distillery is not your typical winery. The distillery produces a variety of spirits, including vodka, gin, and rum.

Visitors can take a tour of the distillery, sample the spirits, and purchase bottles to take home.

Cheers to the Best Breweries

The Emerald Coast is also home to some of the best breweries in the country. From small craft breweries to large-scale breweries, there’s something for every beer lover. Here are some of the best breweries you must visit:

Nivol Brewery

Nivol, the newest micro-brewery and taproom in Panama City Beach, is quickly earning praise for its innovative approach to craft beer.

Co-founders Doug Whitt and Mike Delf have combined their passion for beer with their commitment to creativity, resulting in a unique and flavorful lineup of three different ales and pilsners.

Their dedication to meticulous design and relentless experimentation is evident in every sip of their brews, which have already captured the attention and admiration of beer enthusiasts across the region.

With a mission to push the boundaries of traditional brewing and elevate the craft beer industry, Nivol is poised to become a standout player in the world of micro-breweries.

3rd Planet – The Mothership

If you want a quick escape from the beach, just 10 minutes north of Destin, 3rd Planet Brewery in Niceville is definitely worth checking out.

As a local, 3rd Planet is a favorite spot for my family to visit with friends, play some cornhole, hear live music and enjoy some great emerald coast craft brews.

This small, family-owned brewery is dedicated to creating unique, flavorful brews that reflect the spirit and culture of the area.


From their flagship “Moon Rock” IPA to the seasonal “Beach Blonde” ale, there’s something for every palate at 3rd Planet.

In addition to their delicious beers, the brewery also features a lively taproom and outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your brews while soaking up the Florida sunshine.

The friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere make this a great spot to kick back and enjoy some tasty local beers while exploring the Panhandle.

Grayton Beer Company

Located in Santa Rosa Beach, Grayton Beer Company is a craft brewery that produces a variety of beers, including IPAs, stouts, and lagers. Visitors can enjoy a tasting of the beers, take a tour of the brewery, and purchase cans or bottles to take home.

Idyll Hounds Brewing Company

Located in Santa Rosa Beach, Idyll Hounds Brewing Company is a small craft brewery that produces a variety of beers, including IPAs, stouts, and pale ales. Visitors can enjoy a tasting of the beers, take a tour of the brewery, and purchase cans or bottles to take home.

Props Brewery and Grill

Located in Fort Walton Beach, Props Brewery and Grill is a microbrewery that produces a variety of beers, including IPAs, stouts, and ales. Visitors can enjoy a tasting of the beers, grab a bite to eat at the grill, and purchase cans or bottles to take home.

Tips for a Memorable Tasting Experience

To fully appreciate and enjoy the experience of wine or beer tastings, it is important to understand that it is not a race.

Slow Down

Take your time and slow down, allowing yourself to savor and enjoy the different flavors, aromas, and textures of each drink.

Letting the liquid rest on your tongue and rolling it around in your mouth can help you fully grasp the nuances of each beverage.

Write it out

In order to capture the full range of your experience, it is also recommended that you keep a record of your tasting notes.

Writing down your impressions and reactions to each drink can help you identify your preferences and better understand your own tastes. Moreover, this can serve as a useful reference for future tastings and comparisons.

Ask & Engage!

Another way to elevate your tasting experience is to engage with the knowledgeable staff members at wineries or breweries.

They can provide you with valuable information about the origins of the drinks you are tasting, the brewing or fermentation process, and answer any questions that you may have.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the drinks you love and expand your knowledge about the craft.

To truly make the most of your tasting experience, it can be helpful to think about the different aspects of the drink. For example, consider the color of the wine or beer, its clarity, and viscosity.

Observe the different scents and aromas that emanate from the drink and try to identify the different notes present. Finally, take small sips and let the drink linger in your mouth, allowing you to fully appreciate the flavors.

Tips for Breweries

Now, if you are planning to visit a brewery for a tasting experience, here are some additional tips to keep in mind.

Do a little research

First and foremost, make sure to do your research beforehand to identify the breweries you want to visit and the types of beers they specialize in. This can help you create an itinerary that allows you to fully explore and compare different styles of beers.

Take a closer look

Additionally, when visiting a brewery, make sure to pay attention to the brewing process. Many breweries offer tours of their facilities, providing you with a unique opportunity to see how beer is made from start to finish.

This can give you a better appreciation for the time, effort, and skill that goes into crafting each batch of beer.

Pace yourself

Another tip is to pace yourself. While it can be tempting to try every beer on the menu, this can quickly lead to palate fatigue and diminish your ability to fully appreciate each drink.

Instead, focus on trying a few different styles of beer and taking the time to savor and enjoy each one.

Treat Yourself!

Finally, don’t forget to indulge in some delicious food pairings. Many breweries offer a selection of tasty snacks, sandwiches, or even full meals to complement their beers.

Experiment with different pairings to find your own personal favorites and enhance your overall tasting experience.

With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to having a memorable tasting experience at your local brewery. Cheers!

Final Sip

The Emerald Coast’s wineries and breweries are a hidden gem that should not be missed. From the flavorful wines to the delicious beers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

So, take a break from the beach and indulge in a tasting experience that you’ll never forget.

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